About the Book

WEAVING the TIMES is set in the next millennium. The disasters we fear today have all happened, but in the dim past. The world is now governed by the Magnifisent Noo Wrld Reepublik uv Azhu and de Amerikez, also called the RAA. The only permissible language is Inglish. Loyel Sitizenz dare not question the rools and regs of the regime.

Hom, our hero, knows, though he’s only twelve, that the RAA lies to the people. He feels called to sort the truth from the lies. He persuades his uncle, Mungo to take him to see the world and find out what it’s really like. They journey for ten years. After Uncle dies, Hom goes on alone until his boat is beached on an island where the RAA seems to have no presence.

Hom makes friends here and learns that the RAA has occupied this island, taken what they wanted, and destroyed what they didn’t.

When the RAA returns, the dignitaries and their armed entourage are routed in a highly satisfactory way.

The book has a deliriously happy ending.

Available in Paperback, Kindle, or Kobo